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to start, expand, maintain or revive adoration

Pastor or his delegate(s) & parish secretary’s Information Kit – CLICK TO DOWNLOAD/USE HERE

        • See Endnote 1 below only if you need some pages of this kit as individual documents.
        • If we are not sending anyone in person to your parish adoration sign-up weekend, please contact us and provide your priest or deacon’s email, so we can send him our Sample Adoration Sign-Up Sermons with Sign-Up Instructions.
        • If you prefer an Invitation (Sign-Up form) listing days and hours of the week (instead of just the four time divisions) or a customized form with specific days/hours only, some options are available in Endnote 1 below.
        • If you have trouble printing documents in Firefox Internet browser, download them first or try a different browser.
        • The suggested bulletin inserts provided can also be used in sermons to pre-evangelize.
        • See Endnote 2 for additional alternative pre-evangelization bulletin inserts, homiletics, and promotional flyers you may choose to use that are not included in the above Information Kit.
        • If your parish does not have a bulletin, you can use the bulletin inserts as hand-outs instead.
        • If you only use Flocknotes, e-messages or web-notices, here is a sample page of abbreviated promotional messages: Flocknote or website messages in advance of sign-up weekend
        • See Endnote 4 if you want videos as part of your pre-evangelization and catechesis.
        • Coronavirus Adapted Sign-up methods for pandemic – used when paper/pencils were banned in some parishes.
        • You can add a Google survey/doc to your parish website to create an online sign-up.


PEA Organizational Guidelines – Coordinating Team Kit – DOWNLOAD/USE HERE

If we are leading your organizational meeting virtually through a video conference (i.e. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype) make sure you have strong enough Wifi in the room!

If you prefer to lead the meeting yourself and for the “Do It Yourself” option, use this brief guide on  How to lead the coordinating team organizational meeting or contact us for more detailed guidelines.

If we are not sending someone in person to your parish to lead your organizational meeting, print from this kit and bring to the meeting:

Adoration Scheduling Software options

  • Free Microsoft Excel adoration scheduling system: Schedule of Adorers database (for up to 15 adorers per hour) – Plus Coordinator & 1st Adorer Lists   The data you add flows into printable daily/weekly adorer sign-in sheets to be placed in a sign-in binder at your chapel entrance.  This database helps you to compile a list of adorer emails and phone numbers, so you can send emails and texts when needed. It does not include automated texts, emails or calls for substitution and messaging.  Give the above link or copy of this database to your Database Manager.  You can add Google survey/doc to your parish website to create an online sign-up. For the organizational meeting, print only the sheet in this database on the far right called “Coord Mtg Sign-in” to take attendance of those interested in helping to organize the adoration. Before the meeting, if time, type in the data for those who want to coordinate or who were invited to the meeting.
  • Otherwise, for a significant amount of scheduled adoration, if you want to run adoration with only 1-3 coordinators (perhaps no hourly captains), and/or want more automation, we recommend  AdorationPro.
  • If you decide to try AdorationPro, so that our ministry can receive a small commission and you will receive a 5% discount out of our commission, please enrol using this referral link form HERE or which is also included our webpage HERE. (If you instead sign-up directly on AdorationPro’s website, please choose the product you want, then select the word “Other” and write into the line beside it: “EA referral” and they will apply the discount. Become one of our first referrals!)
  • If you want some automation, but can’t afford the monthly fees, you may want to try Adoration Servants free adoration scheduling software. It offers automated emails, but not texts or calls. Contact them before the weekend or send them your data after to set it up.

Not needed for the first organizational meeting

  • If you have a smaller parish, fewer hours or prefer to give adorers a Master List of all Adorers, you could use this and delete hours not scheduled: Master List of Adorers
  • Head Coordinator arranges with parish staff to put a weekly Eucharistic quote in parish bulletin after weekend to continue to motivate adorers – Eucharistic Quotes database
  • Optional – you may want to put this in the binder at the chapel entrance with the daily adorer sign-in sheets:  Testimonies of Prayers Answered


Adorer Welcome Information Packet – DOWNLOAD/USE



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Pastor’s Info Kit

Only in case needed:

Already included in the Pastors Information Kit above, as individual pages (suggested bulletin inserts and/or for pre-evangelization sermons):


Not included in Pastors Info Kit above – additional optional prayer, pre-evangelization bulletin inserts, homiletics, and promo flyers

Other sample prayers that can be recited at Masses before your sign-up or used as bulletin inserts:

Alternative bulletin inserts – permission is granted to print/use anything in the Real Presence PEA Manual such as:

More bulletin inserts or homiletics (not included in Pastors kit above):

Note:  Double-sided bulletin inserts could be made using two pages.

Promotional Flyers (not included in our Pastors kit above):

Adoration Poster you can edit for free in Canva:

You may wish to order these Eucharistic pamphlets/bulletin inserts from our  Shop HERE. Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery:

If your parish does not have a bulletin you can use them as hand-outs.  If you only use Flocknotes, e-messages or web-notices, here are some sample abbreviated promotional messages: Flocknote or website messages in advance of sign-up weekend

If you prefer online graphics there are a few here – you could start a Canva account and make your own:

If you want to have a promotional table  with some of the above items and perhaps rotate it at different parishes to invite people to your chapel:

For a revival/booster sign-up every two years or so, if we are not sending anyone in person, you may want to use these:


Optional Videos

A few parishes requested suggestions for videos for pre-evangelization and catechesis, perhaps after Mass in the parish hall or to be used in other ways. Below are some suggestions. There are more on our website and that we email to our website subscribers:


Other information

In closing, our goal is to promote or provide effective and orthodox resources that are faithful to the authentic teachings of Jesus Christ.  We thank and give credit to everyone who helped prepare or shared materials. We are open to suggestions for improvement. Thank you for your efforts!

Our Lady of the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, pray for us!

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