Eucharistic Miracles

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Relevant Articles about the Eucharistic Miracles

Foreword to The Eucharistic Miracles of the World
The (Most Rev.) Raymond L. Burke, D.D., J.C.D.
Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura
Former Archbishop of Saint Louis  Presentation – The Eucharistic Miracles: Limits and Positive Aspects
S.E. Rev. ma Mons Raffaello Martinelli
Official of the Catechetical Office of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith  The Real Presence
Reverend Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J.  Preface
Cardinal Angelo Comastri,
Vicar of the Pope for the State of Vatican City  The Eucharistic Miracles
Reverend Fr. Roberto Coggi, O.P.  Vatican International Exhibition
Relevant Articles about the Eucharistic Miracles



Miracles by Country


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Argentina(PDF: 1.09M)

Buenos Aires, 1992 – 1994 – 1996 (part 1)(PDF: 1.46M)
Buenos Aires, 1992 – 1994 – 1996 (part 2)(PDF: 1.42M)
Buenos Aires, 1992 – 1994 – 1996 (part 3)(PDF: 1.25M)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Argentina


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Austria(PDF: 76k)

Fiecht, 1310(PDF: 158k)

Seefeld, 1384(PDF: 246k)

Weiten-Raxendorf, 1411(PDF: 177k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Austria


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Belgium(PDF: 86k)

Bois-Seigneur-Isaac, 1405(PDF: 170k)

Bruges, 1203(PDF: 215k)

Brussels, 1370(PDF: 199k)

Herentals, 1412(PDF: 172k)

Herkenrode-Hasselt, 1317(PDF: 192k)

Liège (Corpus Christi), 1374(PDF: 203k)

Middleburg-Lovanio, 1374(PDF: 175k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Belgium

Carribean Island of Martinique

Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of the Carribean Island of Martinique(PDF: 62k)

Morne-Rouge, 1902(PDF: 174k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracle of the Carribean Island of Martinique


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Colombia(PDF: 139k)

Tumaco, 1906(PDF: 163k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Colombia


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Croatia(PDF: 101k)

Ludbreg, 1411 (part 1)(PDF: 165k)
Ludbreg, 1411 (part 2)(PDF: 283k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Croatia


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Egypt(PDF: 97k)

Jordan / Arabian Desert – St. Mary of Egypt, 6th Century(PDF: 195k)

Scete, 3rd – 5th Century(PDF: 173k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Egypt


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of France(PDF: 89k)

Avignon, 1433 (part 1)(PDF: 174k)
Avignon, 1433 (part 2)(PDF: 218k)

Blanot, 1331(PDF: 168k)

Bordeaux, 1822(PDF: 165k)

Dijon, 1430(PDF: 229k)

Douai, 1254(PDF: 160k)

Faverney, 1608(PDF: 179k)

La Rochelle, 1461
Neuvy Saint Sépulcre, 1257
(PDF: 157k)

Les Ulmes, 1668(PDF: 162k)

Marseille-En-Beauvais, 1533(PDF: 164k)

Paris, 1290 (part 1)(PDF: 177k)
Paris, 1290 (part 2)(PDF: 253k)

Pressac, 1643(PDF: 178k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of France



Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Germany(PDF: 89k)

Augsburg, 1194(PDF: 151k)

Benningen, 1216(PDF: 173k)

Bettbrunn, 1125(PDF: 157k)

Erding, 1417(PDF: 175k)

Kranenburg, District of Kleve, 1280(PDF: 157k)

Regensburg, 1255(PDF: 187k)

Walldürn, 1330(PDF: 218k)

Weingarten (part 1)(PDF: 189k)
Weingarten (part 2)(PDF: 236k)

Wilsnack, 1383(PDF: 216k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Germany


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of India(PDF: 80k)

Chirattakonam, 2001(PDF: 148k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracle of India

Island of La Réunion

Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of the Island of La Réunion(PDF: 71k)

Saint-André de la Réunion, 1902(PDF: 145k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracle of the Island of La Réunion


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Italy(PDF: 1.11M)

Alatri, 1228(PDF: 165k)

Assisi (Saint Clare), 1240(PDF: 183k)

Asti, 1535(PDF: 182k)

Asti, 1718(PDF: 152k)

Bagno Di Romagna, 1412(PDF: 161k)

Bolsena, 1264 (part 1)(PDF: 165k)
Bolsena, 1264 (part 2)(PDF: 236k)

Canosio, 1630(PDF: 176k)

Cascia, 1330(PDF: 173k)

Cava Dei Tirreni, 1656(PDF: 229k)

Dronero, 1631
San Mauro La Bruca, 1969
(PDF: 178k)

Ferrara, 1171(PDF: 178k)

Florence, 1230-1595(PDF: 161k)

Gruaro (Valvasone), 1294(PDF: 168k)

Lanciano, 750 A.D. (part 1)(PDF: 186k)
Lanciano, 750 A.D. (part 2)(PDF: 194k)

Macerata, 1356(PDF: 188k)

Mogoro, 1604(PDF: 170k)

Morrovalle, 1560(PDF: 164k)

Offida, 1273-1280(PDF: 164k)

Patierno (Naples), 1772(PDF: 169k)

Rimini, 1227(PDF: 170k)

Rome, 6th – 7th Centuries (part 1)(PDF: 218k)
Rome, 6th – 7th Centuries (part 2)(PDF: 221k)

Rome, 1610(PDF: 180k)

Rosano, 1948(PDF: 170k)

Saint Peter Damian, 11th Century

Scala, 1732
(PDF: 174k)

Salzano, 1517(PDF: 1.29M)

Siena, 1730(PDF: 152k)

Trani, 11th Century(PDF: 163k)

Turin, 1453 (part 1)(PDF: 179k)
Turin, 1453 (part 2)(PDF: 238k)

Turin, 1640(PDF: 177k)

Veroli, 1570(PDF: 160k)

Volterra, 1472(PDF: 184k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Italy


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Mexico(PDF: 1.10M)

Tixtla, October 21, 2006 (part 1)(PDF: 1.42M)
Tixtla, October 21, 2006 (part 2)(PDF: 1.30M)

Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Mexico


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of the Netherlands(PDF: 60k)

Alkmaar, 1429(PDF: 204k)

Amsterdam, 1345 (part 1)(PDF: 184k)
Amsterdam, 1345 (part 2)(PDF: 251k)

Bergen, 1421(PDF: 187k)

Boxmeer, 1400(PDF: 211k)

Boxtel-Hoogstraten, 1380(PDF: 213k)

Breda-Niervaart, 1300(PDF: 211k)

Meerssen, 1222-1465(PDF: 193k)

Stiphout, 1342(PDF: 192k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of the Netherlands


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Perù(PDF: 60k)

Eten, 1649(PDF: 182k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Perù


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Poland(PDF: 1.09M)

Glotowo, 1290(PDF: 147k)

Krakow, 1345(PDF: 170k)

Legnica, 2013 (Part 1)(PDF: 1.37M)
Legnica, 2013 (Part 2)(PDF: 1.52M)

Poznan, 1399(PDF: 158k)

Sokólka, October 12, 2008 (Part 1)(PDF: 1.41M)
Sokólka, October 12, 2008 (Part 2)(PDF: 1.31M)
Sokólka, October 12, 2008 (Part 3)(PDF: 1.41M)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Poland


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Portugal(PDF: 82k)

Santarém, 1247 (part 1)(PDF: 167k)
Santarém, 1247 (part 2)(PDF: 209k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Portugal


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Spain(PDF: 84k)

Alboraya-Almácera, 1348 (part 1)(PDF: 145k)
Alboraya-Almácera, 1348 (part 2)(PDF: 206k)

Alcalá, 1597(PDF: 148k)

Alcoy, 1568(PDF: 167k)

Caravaca de la Cruz, 1231(PDF: 151kf)

Cimballa, 1370(PDF: 164k)

Daroca, 1239 (part 1)(PDF: 167k)
Daroca, 1239 (part 2)(PDF: 260k)

Gerona, 1297(PDF: 132k)

Gorkum-El Escorial, 1572(PDF: 182k)

Guadalupe, 1420(PDF: 180k)

Ivorra, 1010 (part 1)(PDF: 153k)
Ivorra, 1010 (part 2)(PDF: 154k)

Moncada, 1392(PDF: 172k)

Montserrat, 1657(PDF: 160k)

O’Cebreiro, 1300(PDF: 164k)

Onil, 1824 (part 1)(PDF: 181k)
Onil, 1824 (part 2)(PDF: 227k)

Ponferrada, 1533(PDF: 153k)

Saint John of the Abbesses, 1251(PDF: 173k)

Silla, 1907(PDF: 168k)

Valencia (part 1)(PDF: 153k)
Valencia (part 2)(PDF: 198k)

Zaragoza, 1427(PDF: 154k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Spain


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Switzerland(PDF: 73k)

Ettiswil, 1447(PDF: 151k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Switzerland


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Venezuela(PDF: 1.09M)

Betania, December 8, 1991(PDF: 1.37M)

Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Venezuela

Saints, Mystics and the Eucharist

Saint Anthony of Padua

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque – Sacred Heart of Jesus, 17th Century(PDF: 129k)

Saint Thomas Aquinas, 1224-1274(PDF: 166k)

Saint Francis of Assisi, 13th Century(PDF: 173k)

Saint Bernard of Chiaravalle, 12th Century
Saint John Bosco, 1848
(PDF: 114k)

Saint Germaine Cousin (Pibrac), 1589(PDF: 149k)

Saint Egidio(PDF: 146k)

Saint Stanislaus Kostka, 1550-1568(PDF: 164k)

Saint Faustina Kowalska, 20th Century(PDF: 121k)

Saint Satyrus, 4th Century(PDF: 134k)

Saint Catherine of Siena, 1347-1380(PDF: 175k)

Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa, 1904-1955(PDF: 139k)

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, 1774-1824(PDF: 161k)

Blessed Mary of the Passion, 1866-1912(PDF: 1.32M)

Blessed Nicholas Steno (in Danish – Niels Steensen), 1638-1686
St. Nicholas of Flue, 1417
Servant of God Anne-Louise Lateau, 1850
(PDF: 105k)

Servant of God Marthe Robin, 1902-1981(PDF: 129k)

André Frossard, 20th Century(PDF: 141k)

Teresa Neumann, 1898-1962(PDF: 131k)

Our Lady and the Eucharist

Calanda, Spain, Miguel-Juan Pellicer, 1640(PDF: 124k)

Fatima, Portugal, The Angel of Peace, 1916 (part 1)(PDF: 122k)
Fatima, Portugal, The Angel of Peace, 1916 (part 2)(PDF: 161k)
Fatima, Portugal, The Angel of Peace, 1916 (part 3)(PDF: 160k)

Guadalupe, Mexico, Juan Diego, 1531(PDF: 143k)

Lourdes, France, Saint Bernadette, 1888(PDF: 148k)

Paris, France, Saint Catherine Labouré, 1830(PDF: 124k)

Miraculous Communions

Miraculous Communions (part 1)(PDF: 177k)

Miraculous Communions (part 2)(PDF: 153k)

  • Blessed Angela of Foligno
  • Saint Agnes Segni
  • Saint Clare Montefalco
  • Saint Frances of Rome
  • Saint Gregory the Great
  • Saint Teresa of Avila

Miracles Maps

Europe(PDF: 211k)

Spain and France(PDF: 227k)

Children’s Eucharist Video

You are encouraged to download (right click the link and chose “Save link as”), the complete children’s Cartoon video, “The Eucharist, My Highway to Heaven“, with 3 young boys talking about the Eucharist. This 49 minute video may be shown to children at your Eucharistic Miracles exhibition or at any other appropriate Church event. The video was put together by Antonia Salzano Acutis, and as such, the copyright © 2016 rightfully belongs to her. (Please note that the file for downloading has a full resolution of 1920 x 1080p, and is 845 Mbytes).

A lower resolution version of the video is presented here for streaming.

Venerable Carlo Acutis Inspired An Exhibition Of Eucharistic Miracles From Around The World – (Catholic Herald)Official Website of the CARLO ACUTIS Association and the Cause of Beatification of Venerable Carlo Acutis

“Jesus is my great friend and the Eucharist my highway to Heaven” – quote by Venerable Carlo Acutis.



In cooperation with Antonia Salzano Acutis,
Curator of the Pontifical Academy Cultorum Martyrum and
President of the Institute of Saint Clement I Pope and Martyr,
the Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association
presents in English, complete with beautiful artwork, the following Exhibitions.

Eucharistic Miracles
Eucharistic Miracles

If your parish or organization would like to exhibit the Church approved photographic Vatican International Exhibition of The Eucharistic Miracles of the World, please contact:

Carol J. Seydel
Phone: 815-254-4420

You must note your required basic information – name, address, telephone number, and email address, even if you are just gathering information to present to your parish.

In general, to host the exhibition you will need a DVD with special high definition PDFs to make the posters (60x80cm) which Carol Seydel can send to you upon request after she receives your  basic information. In the USA and Canada, please specify a day and time when you are available for a phone call from Carol. She will give you an orientation to host an exhibit and may be able to connect you with someone in your area who already has the posters to lend to your parish.

Otherwise, permission is also granted to download and show these; or simply present the information from and on this web page above, or directly from this link. The link includes translations into many languages. You can download all 4 tabs in your language and you could make it bilingual:

Videos on Eucharistic Miracles:

Dynamic Catholic Matthew Kelly – Love & the Eucharist



Naju, Korea and the Vatican:

Sworn Testimony of Bishop Roman Danylak

I, Bishop Roman Danylak, Apostolic Administrator of the Eparchy of Toronto for Ukrainian Catholics in Toronto, Canada, and titular bishop of Nyssa, herewith solemnly testify that I concelebrated the Divine Liturgy of Holy Mass, with the Reverend Fathers Aloysius Chang, parish priest of the Kwangju Archdiocese in Korea, invited by me to assist during my visit to Korea, and Joseph Peter Finn, retired priest of the London Diocese in Ontario on Friday, September 22, 1995, at 5 p.m. in an open-air celebration on the grounds of the valley where a future church is to be erected, God-willing, to the honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Mother of God.

Following the Liturgy of the Word, I delivered a brief homily for the occasion. After the communion of the priests, Fr. Chang and I administered Holy Eucharist under both species to Julia Kim and the eleven others. As we continued to distribute Holy Communion to the others present, we heard the sudden sobbing of one of the women assisting at Mass. The Sacred Host received by Julia Kim was changed to living flesh and blood. Fr. Joseph Finn, who had remained at the altar during the communion of the faithful, was observing Julia; he noted that at the moment he turned to observe Julia, he saw the white edge of the host disappearing, and changing into the substance of living flesh.

Fr. Chang and I returned to Julia. The Host had changed to dark red, living flesh and blood was flowing from it. After Mass, Julia shared with us that she experienced the Divine Flesh as a thick consistency and a copious flowing of blood, more so than on the occasion of previous miracles of the changing of the host into bleeding flesh. We remained in silence and prayer; all present had the opportunity of viewing and venerating the miraculous Host. After some moments I asked Julia to swallow and consume the Host. And after the Mass Julia explained that the Host had become large and fleshy; and that she consumed it with some difficulty. The taste of blood remained in her mouth for some time. I then asked that she be given a glass of water, from the miraculous source of water nearby. As she drank the water, her finger touched her lips, and a trace of blood was visible on her finger. She rinsed her finger in the water and drank it.

In testimony of this, I append my signature, together with the signatures of all the witnesses present.

Dated at Naju, this twenty-second day of September, 1995.

+ Roman Danylak, titular Bishop of Nyssa, Apostolic Administrator, Eparchy of Toronto, Canada.

Joseph P. Finn, St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica, London, Ontario, Canada, et al (Korean signatures of others present)

Bishop Danylak was ordained on October 13, 1957 and reposed on Oct. 7, 2012

This photo was apparently taken October, 18 2020 at a beach in St. Lucia, WI, by a Priest who looked up, saw it, took the picture, and posted it. Praise the Lord!: