Make Time for Adoration

To ensure you make time for Jesus, schedule an hour of exposition at a parish that offers it.

In the above seven minute video, Fr. Josh Johnson offers some other practical tools and techniques to help you make time for Adoration, by asking simply “Where, when, what, who, and why?”

– Where? Is there a parish nearby with an Adoration chapel? Don’t just be arbitrary about it. Pick a location.

– When?  Put it on a calendar and allot a specific amount of time for a meeting with Jesus.

Reminder: Make a commitment and sign-up for a scheduled weekly holy hour at your local adoration chapel that offers exposition.

– What? What are you going to bring with you? You can bring your Bible, your Rosary, a Catholic spiritual book. Also, what are you going to do to avoid distractions? Maybe sitting in the back of the chapel distracts you. Maybe your cell phone distracts you.

– Who? Have someone who holds you accountable to your time with Jesus, someone to check on you and ask, “Did you make it to Adoration today?”

Note: Signing up for a weekly hour of adoration at a church nearby will help you to keep this commitment.  Contact your nearest adoration chapel coordinator to do so now.

– Why? Why am I giving Jesus this time? When we do Adoration correctly, it draws us to worship God. We will be able to imitate Jesus in our walk toward eternity. By being in His presence, He will change us over time. Remember Dismus, who was transformed on his cross just by being near Jesus.

Pocket Guide to Adoration by Fr. Josh Johnson