Adoration Scheduling Software – free

Do you want to manage Eucharistic Adoration using scheduling software and only a few coordinators?

To start using this system, contact us or contact:  Steve Lovison: (714) 943-1038, Steve is a software engineer, long-time member of the Knights of Columbus and co-founded this website (“adoration crusaders”).

Adoration Servants is an organization run by Steve and dedicated to adoration of Our Lord Jesus Christ, present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity under the appearance of bread and wine in the Eucharist.

Adoration Servants provide a FREE comprehensive Eucharistic Adoration System for use by any chapel whose chapel leaders would rather spend more personal time in Adoration and less time managing the chapel.  Adoration Servants freely take the role of Martha in order that others may more often take the role of Mary, that is, the best part.

If you manage a Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel (meaning not just 24/7 but any regularly scheduled Eucharistic Adoration) this system will make your life easier.  What takes “Old School” chapels multiple chapel leaders, numerous hourly captains, more meetings and phone calls, can be made so much easier.

Adoration Servants can setup your chapel in a matter of days.  They can mimic your current structure or help you start up. Eucharistic Adoration Management is now easier, more efficient and more effective than it ever was.

This site provides tools at four levels:

  • At the Parish Level they provide chapel scheduling and adoration member sign-ups.  Emails may be sent to all adoration members. Substitution and contact lists may be created. Attendance can be recorded. Everything a parish needs to share the administrative load of establishing and maintaining adoration will be available.
  • At the Diocese Level they can provide web hosting assistance to maintain and present adoration schedules at the various parishes and chapels throughout a diocese. Adoration scheduling can be maintained on many different and multiple levels, i.e. First Fridays, 24/7, specific days or hours of the week, etc. Reporting is available at the deanery and diaconate levels of a diocese. Individual chapel leaders can maintain their own schedules or the diocese can centrally maintain the schedules.
  • At the Individual Adorer level Individuals can “adopt” one or more chapels and reserve hours of adoration in accordance with the practices of the chapels involved. New chapels may be entered into the system. All for the purpose of getting ourselves and others in front of our Savior, who always waits lovingly for us to visit Him.

Additional information and answers:

  • Eucharistic Adoration Web Sites are provided – here is a link for one of the websites:
  • Do they provide each parish with a  Eucharistic adoration website? Yes. Links to these pages can be put on a parish website.  Data is maintainable on the system. The privacy or adorers is protected and respected.
  • Here’s a parish that uses this system: and
  • Does this system provide a webpage/chart for people to sign-up online?  Yes, people can sign-up online. There are also pages specific to a chapel, maintainable from the system.  Below is a sample of what the online sign-up form looks like:

  • Do they provide daily adorer sign-in sheets?  (Papers that are put in the chapel for people to check off their names to sign in).  Yes, below is sample of what they can look like when printed out:
  • Do they provide instructions for paper and pencil sign ups? They have helped a couple parishes start from scratch.  They discuss their wants, needs, and level of support.  They setup the system without any adorers and then do some kind of sign-up Sunday or a few weeks/months of initial recruitment.
  • [Note: You can also still join our Adoration Coordinators Network to receive help and materials from for promoting adoration, adoration sign-ups, sign-up sermons, lay sign-up testimony and instructions, prep kit, promotional flyers, organizational kit, new adorer welcome kit, paper and pencil etc. sign-ups, ushers instructions, other simple excel scheduling database etc.]
  • Eucharistic Adoration Benefits: and
  • Help they provide will make the experience for your Chapel Leaders and Eucharistic Adoration Adorers easier.
  • Each chapel (head coordinator) is given an email or they can use their own email address (if it is SMTP like gmail for example).
  • Here a sample of what your parish adoration Coordinator or database manager sees and uses inside their website:

  • If adorers register they setup their own passwords.  If they forget it, it will be emailed to them.
  • What about older people who don’t use email or Internet? You can still do phone calls and you can also text.
  • If you have several scheduled adorers and one can’t make it, can you program system to skip sub request? Can you change the minimum number needed to request a sub?  That is up to you.  Substitutes should only be required if none of the scheduled adorers can make it.
  • Can you program reminder emails to subs? How about to all adorers when chapel opens?   We have various ways to do this.
  • What do you mean by Beta? Beta is for making use of the full calendar system.  Before you go live for everyone you can setup a few adorers to test (beta) the system.  Most chapels do not use the calendar system.
  • How can an existing chapel switch to using this system?  Send us the excel data for an existing chapel. Then it will be set it up and we can use that to work things out before it goes live.
  • Is there an App for mobile devices? No.
  • Does the system send out text messages to phones? No, but people can check email on their phones.
  • Does the system send automated emails and telephone calls? It send emails and does not do call outs.
  • How does it compare to the other paid scheduling systems? It may not look as clean, or have as many features, but it works and is free.
  • Who do we contact to use this system?  Contact us or contact Steve Lovison, (714) 943-1038,

These video provide a demo of their system: