Benefits of Night Adoration

Below:  a personal testimony of the benefits of adoration (10 min. video)

Why is Adoration during the night so special?

God never sleeps. Laity around the world, monks and nuns rise during the middle of the night to keep watch with Our Lord in prayer of Eucharistic adoration. He speaks to and inspires our hearts when we make sacrifices to seek His Presence and spend time with Him in the quiet stillness of the night.

Many adorers actually prefer the overnight hours in the chapel or church as it is a time that offers great spiritual intimacy. Some go to bed early on the night of, or the night after, their hour. St. Pope John Paul II spent hours every week in nocturnal adoration; which helped him to accomplish so much good.

God has never stopped honouring the shepherds and the magi for their humble sacrifice of honouring His Son in Bethlehem. Their long journey is praised in Scripture and around the world in every church and Christian home at Christmas; they are included in every Nativity scene. In the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus comes to us even more humbly than He did before. That is why your sacrifice will give God great glory.

Nocturnal adoration has also been described in the article, Nocturnal Adoration – Where the Milk and Honey Flows by Elizabeth Scalia, as an experience of …

“A silence and stillness that is astoundingly rich.

A silence that is not emptiness, but fullness.

A silence that is vibrant and resonant.

A silence that is utterly alive and enormously instructive.

A silence that is robust; it rebuilds and feeds.

A silence full of milk and honey.”

O Come Let us Adore Him!

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