Donations to support this ministry are greatly needed and appreciated!

Gifts for donors:

  • All supporters are included in an offering of Masses and prayers during Eucharistic adoration.
  • For a donation of $220 or more, you will receive the gift of a Eucharisitic book such as “Stirring Slumbering Souls – 250 Eucharistic Reflections”, “Eucharistic Gems” by Fr. Don Calloway, Archbishop “Fulton J. Sheen – Could you not watch one hour with Me, The Holy Hour Prayerbook” or another book.
  • For  donations of $500 or more, we will give you the gift of having a Novena of Masses offered specifically for you and your intentions by a priest in need.

Donations made by e-transfer to our email address: are immediately auto-deposited directly into our bank account and no password is required.  If you would like a charitable donation receipt, and to have the above mentioned gift/book mailed to you, please also email us the donor’s name, address and the amount sent.

Donations can be made by credit card, debit card or through PayPal by clicking on the yellow button below.  If you would like to make a monthly or recurring payment, check the box for that to be set up – you will still be free to make changes to your settings at any time. We welcome donors from any country and currency – the button shows the value in Canadian dollars, yet anyone, anywhere and with any currency can donate using this button. To give an idea of the value, as of Nov. 7, 2022, $1USD = $1.31CAD:

Credit card donations can also be made by calling us at: 1 (800) 784-9550.

If you prefer a button that shows currency amounts in USD (US dollars), click on the button below and we will incur currency exchange fees:

Cheques made out to our “Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration” project or money orders can be mailed to:

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, P.O. Box 1063, Barry’s Bay P.O., ON, K0J 1X0, Canada

You can also make a donation, including securities/stocks or mutual funds, to our charity through Canada Helps at this link.  If you can, please register to Donate Monthly. They will provide you directly with charitable receipts.

For direct deposit, credit card payment by phone, or to obtain information about making a donation or bequest of securities/stocks, real estate, life insurance, cash or other assets or in your Will, please call us at: 1 (800) 784-9550.

Bequests – Leave a powerful legacy:

Remember “Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Canada” our registered Canadian charity # 890624927RR0001″ in your Will – see Donor Bequest Details and Estate Planning Information at this link.  Or contact us and we can send you a copy of the document at that link.

You can dedicate a donation in honour of, or in memory of, a special person, loved one or cause that is close to your heart.  Upon request, an engraved memorial or plaque could be placed at one of the perpetual adoration chapels that we help to establish.

If you would like to make a pledge, please complete and return this Pledging Opportunity Invitation form via regular mail or contact us:

Pledging Opportunity Invitation form

Since 1999, we have faithfully maintained and kept our charitable status (890624927RR0001) in good standing under Canada Revenue Agency. Our annual reports are available on Canada Revenue Agencies charities directorate. Income tax receipts for donations over $20 will be provided and sent by January of the following year (or upon request, right after your donation has been received).  In order to receive a Canadian charitable donation receipt, you will need to let us know your name and mailing address. If your mailing address is in the U.S.A. or international, kindly inform us if you would like to to receive a charitable receipt.

If you would like to help with fundraising please contact us.  We need help raising support.

Please contact us if you have an extra secondary Monstrance to send directly to a needy parish in Uganda, Africa to start Eucharistic Adoration.

Thank you for supporting Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration!


Some of the Benefits and Fruits of Our Activities Include:

  1. Salvation and sanctification of souls.
  2. Glory, honour, praise and adoration of Almighty God.
  3. Spread of peace, joy, and goodness amongst all people.
  4. Alleviation of: spiritual poverty, isolation, lack of community, and providing an oasis where there are currently spiritual deserts.
  5. God’s blessings upon society, the Church, parishes, clergy, religious, and laity.
  6. Increased holiness and charity.
  7. Masses offered, hours of prayer, and Eucharistic adoration have a positive impact on our country and society.
  8. Prayer and Masses help to deliver souls from Purgatory to enter into Heaven.
  9. God’s love is brought to souls and souls to God’s love.
  10. Each adoration site is an oasis of peace where individuals or groups enjoy contemplative prayer in the Real Presence of Christ in the Sacred Species.
  11. Allowing people to explore and discover new depths of spirituality in time spent in the Presence of the most Blessed Sacrament.
  12. Brings about the return of fallen away Catholics and conversion away from sin.
  13. The understanding, hope and responsibility fostered through Eucharistic Adoration fuels, revives and strengthens vocations, families, marriages, churches, priests and communities.
  14. Documented decrease in crimes and other evils where Adoration chapels are established.
  15. Builds Christian community and improved human relations, justice and service.
  16. Increased Mass attendance, better preparation for and frequenting of the Sacraments.
  17. Increased love, respect and reverence.
  18. Reawakening and deepening of faith in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
  19. A continuing legacy of thousands or millions of hours of prayer of perpetual adoration.
  20. All persons, including non-Catholics, are welcome and invited to pray at adoration chapels.
  21. Helping people to develop a personal relationship with God.