Coast to Coast 54-Day Rosary Novena & Adoration

The source and summit of our Catholic Faith is the Holy Eucharist. You are encouraged to discuss with priests the incorporation of Eucharistic adoration throughout the entire 54 days from August 15-Oct 7 and/or between the conclusion of the 54-day Rosary Novena on October 7 and the Rosary Coast to Coast on Sunday, October 11 (or extended until October 13, the anniversary of the last apparition of Our Lady of Fatima).

Bishop John Keenan, who has been a great leader for the British Isles’ “Rosary on the Coast,” adds his endorsement of the addition of Eucharistic adoration to Rosary Coast to Coast in the USA:

“I am glad your Rosary Coast to Coast, taking place on the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, is also adding to the pillar of devotion to Our Lady the second pillar of adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  It reminds me of the prophetic dream of Saint John Bosco, where he saw the Church as a ship buffeted by a terrifying sea storm and, at the same time, besieged by a myriad of boats attacking it on all sides.  In the end a Pope emerged to steer the ship to a safe harbour protected by two pillars, one bearing Our Lady and the other Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  Please God your initiative on October 2019 presages the beginning of the fulfillment of this vision.”

Levels of Eucharistic Adoration

(Adapted from Rosary Coast to Coast USA and Diocesan Rosary Congresses)

As of August 2020, depending on local impact and response to the coronavirus, capacity limits on number of adorers allowed at one time in smaller chapels may have been set during adoration.  To reserve their places, adorers are encouraged to become scheduled adorers. Exposition can also take place in the larger main body of the church to accommodate larger numbers.

While everyone is encouraged to do all they can to work with their priests to offer special times, those who are not able to do this can join with everyone in one way or another. There are a variety of options, which may not all be feasible in your parish due to your local coronavirus restrictions.

If you would like assistance, we invite you to schedule an adoration sign-up through our apostolate Our sign-up method will be adapted to and in synch with your parish covid-19 protocol (i.e. sign up online via you parish website or Event-brite, by telephone, text message to parish adoration coordinator etc.)

Schedule an Hour at an Adoration Chapel – You may have an Adoration Chapel or Church nearby offering exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, that schedules adorers. Confirm the current times for exposition, since they may have been modified due to coronavirus regulations. Use the Directory of adoration sites HERE on our website, to contact one of the Adoration sites if you wish to become a scheduled adorer for one or more weekly hours to reserve your time.  Again, you can contact us if you would like to assistance with an adoration sign-up to increase adoration at a specific parish.

Adore before or after daily Mass  – You may have a very challenging schedule, making a special trip to a church or chapel too difficult. We encourage churches that are open throughout the day allowing visits to the Blessed Sacrament.  Where possible, we recommend coming early and/or staying later when you go to Mass.  While the Blessed Sacrament may not be exposed, adoration may take place before Our Lord present in the tabernacle.

Adore at an open church  – You may choose to find times when churches are open.

Day of Adoration – You may want to ask your priest if your parish might want to offer a day set aside for all day, or even 24-hour Adoration. Be willing to volunteer.

40 Hours Devotion  – You may want to reach out to your priest to see if your parish might want to offer the traditional practice of 40 Hours Devotion. The 40 hours in the term 40 Hours Devotion refer to the number of hours that the faithful believe Jesus was absent from the world. The period of time from his death on Good Friday at around 3 p.m. to his Resurrection on Easter morning at about 7 a.m. is 40 hours. Below are some links for possible ways to plan 40 Hours Devotion in your Parish.

Homebound Adoration  – Thanks to the internet, there are several places that offer live-streamed 24/7 Perpetual Adoration. You may not be physically able to travel to or find churches or chapels offering Eucharistic Adoration. St. Maximilian Kolbe is one of the Patrons of Rosary Coast to Coast. The Shrine of St. Maximilian Kolbe in Marytown, IL has live-stream adoration at this link HERE.

7-Days of Perpetual Adoration – You may want to approach your priest to see if Adoration may be offered for the entire week from October 7 – 11 or 13 or from Oct. 3 – 9. The Rosary Congress has been promoting and assisting with 7-Days of Perpetual Adoration since 1979. These are very powerful. There is an online component anyone can tune into, and if necessary in times of pandemic the vigil will be virtual with live exposition. Not all parishes are able to have round the clock adoration so adaptations can be made.  It includes online Mass, live or pre-recorded rosary at the beginning of each hour, times of adoration for families, children and youth and reflections by priests. For more information on participating in some way in a 7 day vigil from Oct. 3-9, contact us or join through RosaryCongress at this link.  Clergy  interested in giving a Eucharistic talk to be added to the online/virtual format are welcome to let us or RosaryCongress know directly.


Most Reverend Jeffrey M. Monforton, Bishop of Steubenville:

“The people of our diocese truly felt a spiritual renewal and a deepening of devotion to the Eucharist and to the rosary. I have given my blessing for the lay team to continue holding the Diocesan Rosary Congress annually… I encourage my brother bishops to consider holding a Rosary Congress…”

To read his complete letter click here.

Eucharistic Adoration Documents

Video from 2018 for a coast to coast Rosary across Canada:

Do you remember the movie The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews, when the Von Trapp family and others fled to Austria for refuge?

“In 1945 after WW II, Austria was occupied by 4 nations – Russia, Britain, France and the US. Post war conditions in Austria were fraught. Food was in short supply and the industries, especially in the mineral-rich area occupied by the Russians, were not being well managed. The Austrian people desperately wanted to regain their independence but how could a small country like Austria expel a Communist nation the size of Russia?…

“Fr. Petrus Pavlicek, a Capuchin priest, visited Mariazell, the main Marian shrine in Austria to seek Our Lady’s counsel. It was 2nd February, the Feast of Our Lady of Lights. As he prayed Fr. Petrus heard an inner voice say, ‘Do as I say and you will have peace.’ Father remembered Lepanto and how the Rosary helped Christendom defeat the greatest enemy it had ever faced. In September 1948 Fr. Petrus began the ‘Crusade of Reparation of the Holy Rosary’ through the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima. The Rosary had three aims 1) the conversion of sinners; 2) peace in the world; 3) freedom for Austria….

“Our Lady is a faithful mother. On 13th May 1955, the 4 occupying countries finally agreed to withdraw from Austria and the agreement was signed 2 days later. The last Communist soldier left Austria on 26th October 1955 without a single shot being fired. Austria had achieved the unthinkable. When you consider that this was during the Cold War when Communist aggression and religious persecution were at their highest, it is even more miraculous and confirms it could never have happened without the intervention from Our Lady and Our Lord. Exactly one year later, on 13th May 1956, Austria held its first independent elections.”


Sources: Calendars courtesy of Queen of Peace Media; Adapted quotes and information from, Rosary Coast to Coast USA, Diocesan Rosary Congresses, and

Click here for a list of Ecclesiastical Endorsements for Rosary Congress 7-day vigils with rosary and adoration

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