Servant of God Walter Chango – the Carlo Acutis of Uruguay

Walter Chango was a Promoter of the Eucharist

Walter Chango died on November 18, 1939 and was recognized as a servant of God on November 3, 2001. During his short life, he touched hearts by transmitting his love for Christ.

He was devoted to prayer since he was young and shared the love of Christ with others. The Rosary was part of his daily life. He wanted to share the joy he felt before the Eucharist. Children his own age listened to him talk about Jesus. He led a classmate who had not been to Confession in a long time back to the Sacraments. Walter explained that Communion is the life of the soul – the perfect way to give oneself to God completely and to receive Him.

People around this boy who meditated deeply before the Eucharist at Mass thought he might become a priest. He had joy on the day of his First Communion in 1931. He promoted the 1938 Eucharistic Congress in his homeland of Uruguay. Our Blessed Mother was his confidant and he entrusted souls to her.

(Source: Meet Walter Chango, the Carlo Acutis of Uruguay, Aleteia, 2022/01/23)

Like Carlo Acutis

Carlo’s  “mother Antonia explains that the family already had the impression that their son was different from other kids his age. When he was alive, we already had realized that Carlo was a special boy: his luminosity, his goodness, and his prayer life were outside the norm.”

Carlo, at the same time, “had a life like many of his peers; he shared passions common to other young people, such as the internet, playing ball, and other hobbies. He liked to be with his friends, and he was a very nice boy, but he did everything with great balance and hope and everything in the light and presence of God, indeed always putting God at the center of his days with the Holy Mass, the Holy Rosary, and Eucharistic adoration before or after Mass. He was very faithful to these appointments. (Carlo Acutis’ mother on miracles and fruits of her son’s life, Aleteia, 10/13/21)

First stained glass window of Carlo Acutis in jeans and sneakers

“We’ve never seen anything like it: the image of a contemporary adolescent, a blessed who transmitted the Gospel through social networks. This representation of Carlo Acutis reminds us that holiness is closer to us than we think…  (First stained glass window of Carlo Acutis in jeans and sneakers, Aleteia, 07/31/21)

Servant of God, Walter Chango

and Blessed Carlo Acutis,

pray for us!

“Of all devotions, that of adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the greatest after the sacraments, the one dearest to God and the one most helpful to us.”

– Saint Alphonsus Liguori