Eucharistic Pilgrimages – join or make one

“A pilgrimage is ‘the simultaneous movement of the feet and the soul’—a journey made both externally and internally. The pilgrim travels to a location of spiritual significance, stepping outside of themselves in order to encounter God in places where he has revealed himself. This action mirrors the interior journey of the pilgrim, who uses this experience to draw closer to Our Lord and seek him more intentionally.  The value of a pilgrimage is not in the distance traveled but in the disposition of our own hearts and the zeal with which we seek God. Many saints have had life-changing experiences while on pilgrimage, and the practice has been a part of Christianity from the beginning.” – National Eucharistic Pilgrimage

The Who, What, and Why of “Walk the Opeongo Line” – Pilgrimage to St. Ann’s Shrine

Please remember to guard chastity by dressing modestly on pilgrimages!

Eucharistic Mini Pilgrimage Planning Guide