We Help Start Adoration

Mainly what is needed for perpetual adoration or extended adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is the pastor’s “Yes” to allowing this in his parish. Under the pastor’s permission, we help establish PEA/EA so that parish laity will coordinate the adoration chapel or program and usually two adorers, or at least one person, will be scheduled for every hour of exposition. This virtually alleviates extra work for parish priests and staff.

A letter of introduction to share with your parish priest to encourage and assist him:

Please read and share this 2023 letter for priests

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  • Pastor’s firm belief in the graces of Eucharistic Adoration and communication of these graces to his parishioners
  • Primary responsibility for Eucharistic Adoration resting with a lay coordinator and a coordinating team, which report to the pastor or his designee
  • Prayer for success
  • Regular inspiring Eucharistic bulletin notes – we will provide suggestions if you invite our apostolate to assist with your Sign-Up Weekend. Many samples are available on our website under our Coordinator & Parish Resources section.
  • Confidence in knowing that Perpetual Adoration is much easier to initiate versus a having a small schedule of adoration, occasionally or once a month.
  • Inviting assistance from an experienced adoration organizer/promoter such as our apostolate (if you would like to use digitial resources, only a few people may be needed to coordinate the adoration chapel).


  1. Invite us, to help from a distance/remotely, to organize an adoration Sign-Up weekend/mission at your parish. Parish clergy can preach the Sign-Up sermon, and/or a parishioner may be able to give an adoration appeal, that we will provide with Sign-Up Instructions. Several sample versions will be provided. At each Mass on the weekend, Invitations to commit to taking a weekly holy hour are handed out to all the faithful, along with pencils, and completed on the weekend. other sign-up methods such as online form, website, telephone, text message, table etc. can be implemented.  In addition, we provide advance instructions, all of the required organizational documents, resources and follow up. We help to recruit and train a coordinating team of laity from within each parish who will thoroughly coordinate the adoration and report back to you when requested or necessary.  We can lead or provide detailed instructions for your coordinators’ organizational training meeting by phone, email or video conference. A team of a few people in your parish can run the chapel using digital tools for substitution etc.
  2. Or Invite us (Eucharistic clergy or a lay missionary/speaker) to visit in-person to organize an Adoration Invitation Sign-Up Weekend/mission at your parish. The rest is the same as option 1, except it can be provided in-person.
  3. Or find out if your diocese has appointed a local Eucharistic priest or speaker to help establish adoration in parishes or who is willing to help you to organize your Sign-Up. Parish clergy can preach the Sign-Up sermon. In 2007, the Congregation for the Clergy proposed that “each diocese appoint a priest who will devote himself full time – as far as possible – to the specific ministry of promoting Eucharistic adoration and coordinating this important service in the diocese.  Obtain our coordinator resources here.
  4. Or “Do It Yourself” (DIY) Sign-Up weekend.  Study and use the Coordinator Resources on and linked to our website to organize your own Adoration Sign-Up weekend. Parish clergy can preach the Sign-Up sermon we will provide. Obtain our coordinator resources here.

Our Eucharistic centre would be grateful to assist in establishing more adoration at your parish.  Inviting our apostolate to help you, keeps the momentum going and ensures that adoration gets established and is well organized. A team of a few people in your parish can run the chapel using digital tools for substitution etc.

Pastors are amazed to find hundreds of people signing up on this weekend. The response from your Sign-Up Weekend and the parish priest’s final decision, will determine the number of days and hours that exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will take place, either round-the-clock or partial (part-time holy hours) perpetual adoration.

One of the reasons that aiming for PEA is best is because people will become aware that adoration is so important that the pastor and parish want to have this taking place around the clock. It is easier to get people committed to PEA than to only having some on First Fridays, because they will see that adoring Jesus is a priority, rather than a rare occasion.  Having an open schedule gives everyone in the parish an opportunity to find a time that suits and is possible for them. “If we aim for perfection, we may at least attain excellence.”

To schedule your sign-up weekend, to invite a Eucharistic missionary or lay evangelist or to obtain assistance, information and materials to start Eucharistic Adoration contact us:




E-mail: perpetualadoration@outlook.com

Telephone: 1 (800) 784-9550

For a detailed manual with guidelines, please see this section on our website: Vital Coordinator & Parish Resources here.

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