Reported Eucharistic Miracles Killaloe ON, 2023 + Combermere, Eganville, Toronto, Goa

Host changed to bleeding flesh in mouth of Iveta Fernandes

On many occasions after receiving Holy Communion on the tongue at Mass, Iveta Cleophas Fernandes and her husband Felix report that she has experienced the Host turning to flesh and blood on her tongue, in 2023, 2022 and in previous years at St. Andrew’s parish in Killaloe ON, often on days when exposition of the Blessed Sacrament takes place. She receives Communion kneeling and on the tongue.

Priests and bishops, including +Bishop Roman Danylak (2008, 2006) and +Fr. Jim Duffy of Madonna House (2003, 2004) personally witnessed this Eucharistic miracle happening to Iveta at various locations over the past few decades and have provided their signed testimonies below.  A visiting bishop from Italy witnessed this in 2023 in Ontario. In 2009, it was apparently witnessed by a priest in Goa, India and those present witnessed a mini version of the miracle of the sun which took place at Fatima in 1917.

Iveta appreciates Eucharistic adoration, adoration and reparation for children, the messages of Fatima, repentance, sacrifice, prayer, the Rosary, Chaplet of St. Michael, modesty, scapular, works of mercy and hopes for a papal definition (5th Dogma) of Mary as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate to bring forth great graces to the Church to help us to endure the persecutions and sufferings of these times.