Eucharistic Revival – posted May 2021

Canada, the USA & the world need

a GREAT revival of Adoration!

“I am convinced that a movement of restoring Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is the spiritual therapeutic for cleansing our country of demonic influence and opening the floodgates of grace that will heal our land … bringing our country back to the spiritual health of being One Nation Under God once again. Here’s how the Lord brought me to this revelation. This chronology of events in 2020 explains it well …” – Fr. Richard Heilman

Below are excerpts from this priest’s testimony:


“January 31, 2020, Bosco’s Two Pillars

“As 2020 was barely underway, we put a call out on January 16 for all pro-lifers to join together on this Feast of St. John Bosco (January 31), as we brought ‘Bosco’s Two Pillars’ of the Most Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary to the sidewalks surrounding t he Wisconsin St at e Capitol building.

“If you read about St. John Bosco’s famous dream of the ‘Two Pillars’ (Here), we see what is necessary to recover from the ‘danger and confusion.’ Here is St. John Bosco’s explanation of the dream:

The enemies’ ships are the persecutions; they prepare very serious troubles for the Church. What has taken place so far is almost nothing compared with what will occur. Her enemies are the ships which make an attempt to sink the flag ship, if they can. There remain only two means to save ourselves in the midst of so much danger and confusion. Devotion to Mary Immaculate, frequent Confession and Communion.’

“Little did we know that January 31 would mark the day our President called for a travel ban from China in an effort to slow the spread of a corona virus. This ‘drastic move’ on this date was when the nation first awakened to the gravity of this situation.”

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“March 9, 2020

“St. Joseph’s Protection & Provision

“It was not long after this that we
called upon St . Joseph, along with
Jesus and Mary to provide supernatural protection and provision.

With growing angst about the virus occurring in the nation, we put out a call for all to pray a ’54 Day Three Hearts Novena.’ I stated then … Low and behold, Day 1 (March 9) of ’54 Day Three Hearts Novena’ was given the name ‘Black Monday,’ as the stock market dropped over 7,350 points over that week. And, later that year, the pope proclaimed a ‘Year of St. Joseph’.”

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“May 1st, 2020

“The Great Convergence

“The 54th day of our ‘Three Hearts’ novena, ended up being a ‘great convergence’ as it was ‘coincidentally’ a First Friday (Sacred Heart) and the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker (Chaste Heart) and then, out of the clear blue, news broke that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops announced that they chose to join Canada in a Re-Consecration of America to Mary, Mother of the Church (Immaculate Heart) on May 1. This was the first of many ‘God-incidences’ (signal graces) that confirmed our prayers were pleasing God. During May (the month of Mary), we gathered with 100s to do daily Rosary Processions around the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, WI.”




“June 14, 2020<