Directory of Adoration Sites


This map of all of the dioceses of Canada is included here with the permission of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and is available on their website with links for each bishop at:

Some of the churches and chapels with Eucharistic Adoration in Canada are listed on the Real Presence Association Directory at this link.

Real Presence Association Directory for parishes in the United States is HERE.

To add your adoration or to update this directory please click here.

You can check with parishes directly before arriving in person, in case their hours have changed.

In the USA, as of February 2020, according to these statistics on the above directory, we are aware of about 8512 adoration sites as listed, including 814 that have round the clock PEA.

In Canada, as of 2020, according to these stats, we are aware of 592 adoration sites, including only 30 with round the clock adoration and the rest with partial perpetual adoration or some minimal hours of Eucharistic adoration. 393 of these sites are in Ontario where our head offices are located, including 19 of the 30 full 24×7 adoration sites. 

Diocesan Adoration Directories:

Diocesan websites promote adoration by including a section on Eucharistic Adoration that includes special attention with their own Directory/list of all of the parishes and Christian communities in their diocese that have round the clock adoration and those with part-time adoration, listing the days  and the hours.

For example:

Archdiocese of Chicago has a directory of adoration in parishes

Chapels in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, BC

Chapels in the Archdiocese of Ottawa, ON

Adoration in the Archdiocese of Kingston

Intimacy with the Lord

Parish Adoration Directories:

Each parish could have a section on Eucharistic Adoration and listing their days and times of adoration near the Mass times on their websites and bulletin. Parish websites can include an Online Sign-Up for adoration and this will allow them to garner interest to start and/or sustain exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

We pray that every bishop, diocese, pastor, clergy, religious and the laity will do all they can to increase the number of parishes and Christian communities with PEA/EA in Canada!

See our Gallery of a few of the Adoration sites in Canada.