The Blessed Sacrament by Father John Hardon


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A must have to purchase, read and keep in your chapel:  The Blessed Sacrament, by Father John Hardon at his remarkable best!

Transcribed from a series of 12 conferences given by Fr. Hardon in 1998, this new publication will give you fresh insights and many avenues for meditation on Jesus in His Real, true, physical, divine Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.  A thorough compendium of Church teaching regarding the Holy Eucharist. 160 pages.

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Note:  The 1983 Code of Canon Law abrogated the penalty of anathema mentioned in the Council of Trent. Catholic Apologist Jimmy Akin actually has a brief article on the change ( The anathema mentioned in the Council of Trent session 13 is not current law.  Some of the current Canons on the Eucharist can be found here: