Monstrance Lapel Pins


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Monstrance lapel pins

To promote Eucharistic Adoration and devotion, we encourage people to wear and we offer beautiful high quality Monstrance lapel pins.

Great to give out to new or existing adorers, at religious gatherings, as gifts, for First Holy Communions classes or other special occasions.

These look great worn on  clothing and hats.  These pins have a strong clasp that is easy to attach. They remain neat and straight naturally with gravity.   All amounts are suggested offerings.


Monstrance lapel pin small – 3/4 inches high, light, $5/pin (above)


Monstrance lapel pin large (above) – 2 inches in height, $10 each (we are out of stock but can provide bulk orders of 10 or more by telephone)


Monstrance lapel pin # 3 large  unique, colourful, attractive, $10/pin (currently out of stock, but if you call us and we can order more upon request, the quality was not as good as in the image however in the last batch we had stocked)Monstrance pin

This is a photo of the pin worn on the side of a hat:

Thank you for promoting Eucharistic Adoration through the wearing of these pins!

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