Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ




Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur: Ayo Maria Atoyebi O.P. + Bishop of Ilorin, Nigeria

“The Greatest Devotion of our Time, A Call to Holiness, this Devotion was given to a young man in Nigeria named Barnabas Nwoye. The Lord gave him the task of receiving and making known the Devotion to the Precious Blood. The handbook of prayers and instructions was given by our Lord for you. Our Lord has lovingly left a great gift of protection, the gift of the Seal of the Living God, as seen in Revelations Chapter 7 and 14. Consolation and Adoration Prayers, The Anguished Appeals.”

By Barnadas Nwoye the visionary, and author.

“As a teenager Barnabas Nwoye of Olo, Enugo State, Nigeria, had visions of the Lord. The Lord gave him the task of receiving and making the Devotion to the Precious Blood known. With this responsibility Nwoye sought out the Lord’s wishes. On January 19th 1997 Jesus said to him ‘My son pray you Holy Rosary always as My Mother has ordered you. Pray the Holy Chaplet of my Precious Blood immediately after your Holy Rosary. You must do this because the hour of salvation is very short.’ Nwoye received the Chaplet of the Most Precious Blood and all its component prayers. This he shares with us.”

These are also good bulletin inserts for pre-evangelization before your Sign-Up weekend to start or increase adoration.  Great for on-going formation of adorers and adoration chapels.

114 pages

Goes well with the pamphlet/prayer card Chaplet of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ HERE which includes the Chaplet of the Precious Blood, the Litany of the Precious Blood and the Consecration prayer to the Precious Blood. After your daily rosary, the prayers on this pamphlet will complete your minimum daily devotion. It is less to carry than the prayer book and an economical way to introduce your friends and loved ones to this powerful, beautiful devotion.



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