Books About St. Peter Julian Eymard – 8 book collection




Biographies of St. Peter Julian Eymard

Tomorrow Will Be Too Late: A Life of Saint Peter Julian Eymard (1811-1868)

Norman B. Pelletier SSS

This life of Saint Peter Julian Eymard provides an overview of his life and mission. You will appreciate his determination in spite of hardships, setbacks and poor health, how he responded to that inner voice to leave everything and forge ahead in his quest towards the Eucharist, because, tomorrow will be too late.

5 ½” x 8 ¼ ” – 145 pages – Paperback

Champion of the Blessed Sacrament

Saint Peter Julian Eymard

Rev. Martin Dempsey

At the request of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, Fr. Dempsey wrote this life of Saint Eymard but died just before it was published. Through his letters, note and reflections we are able to get close to this champion. It ends with two miracles required for Fr. Eymard to be canonized on December 8, 1962 by Pope John XXIII, one hundred and six years after his death.

5 ½ ” x 8 ” – 286 pages


Saint Peter Julian Eymard: The Priest of the Eucharist

Translated from French

Two years after the death of Saint Eymard, a brief sketch of his life was written bearing this title. The author, Fr. Albert Tesniere, a close companion of Saint Eymard. After St. Eymard’s beatification in 1925 the work was expanded by Fr. Henri Evers. A translation of the biography in English appeared in 1936. This little book has been a favorite read by many who fell in love with the Priest of the Eucharist.

Approx. 4 ” x 6 ” – 251 pages – Paperback


The Eucharist and Saint Peter Julian Eymard

Bernard Camiré SSS

This 48 page booklet is divided into ten meditations. They will assist toward a deeper appreciation of the Eucharist and the life of Saint Eymard. An excellent resource for Eucharistic ministers, and for those who pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

5 ” x 7 ¼ ” – 48 pages – Paperback

Saint Peter Julian Eymard:  Life Sketch

A short precise overview of Saint Eymard’s life and journey from childhood to priesthood and founder to sainthood. It will give you a quick view of a saint filled with love for the Eucharist. A wonderful opened window that will leave you wanting for more.

4 ” x 6 ” – 30 pages – Paperback

The Model Series:

Florence Wedge

These 3 booklets, the model series, present Eymard as an adorer in prayer, as a frequent communicant and finally at the altar itself as a priest. The series ends around a remark Saint Eymard made which would be his last sermon. “Ah, yes! You have the Eucharist! What more do you want?”

4 ¾ ” x 7 ½ ” – Paperback

Model Adorer

Saint Peter Julian Eymard

47 pages

Model Communicant

Saint Peter Julian Eymard

47 pages

Model at the Altar of Sacrifice

Saint Peter Julian Eymard

48 pages