Add a Non-Slip Snap Clip


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Add a non-slip snap clip

Mini-comb snap clips

They are 1 1/4 inches wide, so you don’t need more than one to hold your veil securely in place, but they’re still barely noticeable.The silicone strip keeps them from going anywhere, even with just a little bit of hair.

Best of all, with these small, secure clips, you won’t get any weird bumps on your veil:

Spanish Floral Mantilla with Mini-Comb Snap Clip

We will sew one on your veil for only $4.50CAD ($3.50USD), or you may add one with your veil purchase for you to sew in at home.

You can also use them with the teeth through the tulle without sewing them in.

There is a video on how to insert it at the bottom of the Chapel Veils & Mantillas page at this link on our website.

If the veil is a dark colour, then a dark coloured clip is used and if the veil is light, the clip we include a light coloured clip.

There is a video at the bottom of this page for how to insert it.

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Sewn-in or not?

Sewn-In, Enclosed in package not sewn-in