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Chantilly Lace Veil – half-circle round back shape   Ready to ship. A beautiful authentic Chantilly lace floral veil made out of soft tulle.  Excellent for durability and fineness. “Starter” veils are perfect for women and girls of all statures. Soft, lightweight and drape beautifully with an elegant narrow trim.  Ready to ship. Handmade.

Available in Black | Ivory Off-White | Burgundy (it’s the beautiful bright red wine colour in the photos) | Mocha | Silver Gray | Dusty Rose | Marian Blue | Sage Green | Brown | Twilight Blue | Plum (it’s the darker Purplish shade in the photos)

Chantilly Lace Veil – small with ties – for adult (or young ladies) Designed for women to wear at Mass, this smaller, inconspicuous starter veil is available in black, off-white mocha, silver gray, dusty rose, Marian blue, sage green, brown, twilight blue, plum, and burgundy, and comes in a half-circle shape and ties behind the neck.  Approximately 20″ across by 10″ front to back with 10″ ties.

Mini Chantilly Veil with ties for girls – Perfect for girls 12 and under to wear at Mass, this adorable mini starter veil is available in black, off-white, mocha, brown, silver gray, dusty rose, sage green, Marian blue, twilight blue, plum, and burgundy and comes in a half-circle shape with adjustable-length snaps. It snaps behind the neck or under the chin, with 3 lengths to choose from. The half-circle measures approximately 16″ across by 8″ front to back.

Bulk Parish Pack of Chantilly Lace Veils with round back shape: 12 of the above half-circle round back Chantilly Lace Starter Veils.  This set includes a total of 12 Starter Veils: 4 Mocha, 4 Black, and 4 Off-White for women to choose their preferred colour. Each veil comes with a loose mini-comb snap clip that may be used with the teeth through the lace or sewn in underneath.

Help us promote veiling in your parish, prayer group, or retreat!

Countless women who were initially unsure about veiling say it “just felt right” when they finally tried it. You can now make it easier for other women to give veiling a try!

Starter Veils are all-time bestselling veils, popular among women for their softness, simplicity, available colors, and affordability.

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Adult Half-Circle with Round Back, Adult or girl small with Ties


Black, Ivory Off-White, Burgundy, Mocha, Silver Gray, Dusty Rose, Marian Blue, Sage Green, Brown, Twilight Blue, Plum-Purple, Burgundy, Olive Green