Extra Coordinator & Parish Resources


For parishes and those that schedule or invite our assistance with starting or increasing adoration in person or from a distance, we provide access to all of these practical resources. Access can also be provided to those seeking to organize adoration themselves or diocese wanting more information.

Many additional digital resources are available.  We are not selling them and do not claim responsibility or credit, yet give thanks for the generous treasures available through our database.

Upon request, we can also provide a parish visit, brainstorming or strategizing options, organizing your Sign-Up weekend, partial-mini Sign-ups, adoration speakers, recollections, talks/conferences, formation of coordinators/adorers, help with planning and timelines, building and mentoring/coaching your team, linking up with another seasoned coordinator etc.

Please contact us for access to all our Extra Coordinator & Parish Resources to start, increase or maintain Eucharistic adoration.